Design BIRKA Padel

◊ Our products are designed by and for demanding players.

Each material is considered and selected with the aim of obtaining a high level of quality while optimizing performance.

Each racket is designed without compromising quality, in the search for the best quality/price ratio.

◊ The right racket for every player.

padel racket shape

Forms at Padel

Round Head Snowshoes
These rackets are characterized by a low balance and soft foam, offering lightness and ease of handling. They are ideal for beginners wishing to learn padel, because their soft foam allows an excellent feeling of contact with the ball, promoting safe and progressive learning.

Teardrop Snowshoes
Very popular, these rackets generally feature soft foam and a neutral balance, offering an excellent compromise between power and control. Their versatility makes them a preferred choice for intermediate to advanced players looking to improve their game.

Diamond Shaped Snowshoes
Recommended for players with advanced technique, these rackets have a smaller centered sweet spot, requiring good control and precision to unleash their full power. They are ideal for experienced players looking to maximize their hitting power.

The Balance of Padel rackets

The balance of a padel racket is closely linked to its shape. Racquets with a high balance, like diamond shaped racquets, offer more power but are less maneuverable due to their greater weight and reduced sweet spot. They are ideally suited to expert players who can take advantage of these characteristics.

Conversely, a low balance, characteristic of round racquets, improves maneuverability and feel of the ball, which is particularly beneficial for beginners wishing to progress quickly. As for rackets with a medium balance, often teardrop or teardrop shaped, they are designed to provide an optimal balance of power and control, making them perfect for intermediate to advanced players.