Joueur de padel pro avec pala Birka hexa-force


Perfect balance of power, control and maneuverability, suitable for all levels of players. Find the ideal racket and experience exceptional playing moments.

Unleash the power
  • carbone pour fabrication raquette padel Birka

    Meticulous selection of materials is essential to guarantee the quality, durability and performance of our products

  • Fabrication artisanale Birka padel

    Handcrafting imparts meticulous attention to detail, creating unique, high-quality products.

  • surface raquette padel sandy

    The careful finish guarantees the aesthetic and functional quality of BIRKA snowshoes

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ambassadrice padel Birka

Guarantee of excellence

Fabiola Castello, passionate ambassador who embodies excellence and sportsmanship. Its unique connection with our racquets reflects our commitment to performance and innovation.
Like Fabiola, become BIRKA muses

Piste Padel Birka Stadium

Warrior Spirit

Unleashing all your power on the field means having the “WARRIOR” spirit. Don't give up, master the game and win with panache!

Warrior Unleash
  • Optimized shapes

    BIRKA padel rackets are products that are as elegant as they are technological. the specifications integrate high-end materials and features with an impeccable finish.

    The BIRKA design 
  • formes raquettes de padel
  • raquette padel premium carbone

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Birka padel diamond force

Unbridled power

Diamond shape, 100% carbon design, 12k surfaces make the Diamond-force a very powerful padel racket

Elegance and Sobriety

Sober and refined design, matte finish and gold marking revealing the raw carbon, it is elegance itself.

High level of play

The configuration of the Diamond Force makes it possible to play at the highest level, with precision and speed.

International Recognition

Powerful, beautiful, efficient, well finished... these are just some of the adjectives used by customers in many countries to describe Diamond-force.